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6 months

wohooo chris and i are together for 6 months now *gets the party hats out* well we will be in 2hrs 49mins...hehe....means i can open my gift i got from him in 2hrs 48mins yay!!!!

wow, i can't believe it that its already 6 months. time sure flew by like nothing. well i guess thats just normal when you are really happy and know that you found the love of your life
and when you spent your holidays together with your best friend. nothing better than that.

love you two more then anything else in this world *kiss and hug*
12.9.05 21:15

first one

well even though i'm german i'm gonna write english here cause by now english is my mother tongue. if someone doesn't understand english that good, sorry. write me an email or leave me a guesbook entry and i translate it. (Falls irgend jemand nicht allzu gut mit englisch ist, schreibt mir ne nachricht und ich ?bersetzt euch alles)

more later
22.8.05 21:25


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